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Lab Equipment Suppliers Generate Leads at Sacramento Bioresearch Product Event

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Feb 13, 2012

On January 25th of this year we held our 9th semiannual Sacramento BioResearch Product Faire event on the medical campus of the University of California Davis, in Sacramento. The UC Davis Health System includes the School of Medicine, School of Nursing, and the Medical Center with its state-of-the-art teaching hospital.  Also part of the Sacramento biomedical hub where we hold our events are the UC Davis Children's Hospital and the Shriner's Hospital for Children of Northern California.

We welcomed attendees from all over the Sacramento medical campus at the recent show, with the strongest turnout from these UCD departments and Shriner's:

  1. Biochemistry
  2. Basic Science
  3. Internal Medicine
  4. Medical Pathology and Lab
  5. Cell Biology and Human Anatomy
  6. Neurology


When polled, attendees reported the strongest interest in the following equipment and service areas:


  • Antibodies
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Electrophoresis Equipment & Supplies
  • Molecular Biology Products
  • DNA Synthesis Equiment & Supplies
  • DNA Sequencing Services
  • Microscopes
  • General Lab Equipment & Supplies


UCDMC Collage

Despite an unforeseen scheduling conflict that drew some would-be attendees to hear two Nobel Prize winners give a seminar, we had a robust group of professors, post-docs, lab managers, purchasing agents and other life science researchers join us at this event, and our lab equipment suppliers reported making good sales contacts for their products. Since at any given time, more than 500 active research programs are underway within the School of Medicine, and the Medical Center acknowledges a $1B+ annual budget, these scientists are really busy.  That's why they look forward to our semiannual product faires, where they can take advantage of the ultimate shopping and learning experience: knowledgeable vendors, hands-on demonstrations, special deals, seminars, door prizes and a gourmet catered lunch (which was a particular hit this year, as the chef insisted on making all of the sandwiches absolutely fresh) all within a block of their labs and conveniently timed to coincide with their lunch breaks.

The University of California at Davis has over $266 Million in active NIH grants. $17.3 Million of that has been awarded in 2012 alone, and awards have only begun to be announced for the current fiscal year. Total NIH funding for the School of Medicine has more than doubled in the past ten years, as this graph of all external research funding demonstrates:

davis medical center funding

[Graph sourced from UC Davis Medical Center]

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. will be hosting another Sacramento BioResearch Product Faire event this year on June 5th, where we expect our usual turnout of 150-200 pre-qualified research scientists and lab decision-makers to venture forth and network with our top lab equipment suppliers exhibiting on the medical campus.  For information on this event and UC Davis Medical, click the button below:

uc davis medical research

See our complete 2012 Show Schedule as well, and feel free to call one of our helpful sales associates for more information.

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