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Free Biotech Marketing Event Database

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Nov 21, 2012

Biotech marketing, advertising and event managers can take advantage of a free Biotech Marketing Event Database sponsored by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.

If you are planning a biotech marketing event or researching existing biotech and life science marketing events, you should take advantage of our event calendar. You can post your events at our Global Science Meetings page, free of charge. Moreover, registration is unnecessary and all events will be approved by our editing staff prior to publication.

So, if you have a biotech or life science event and would like to reach a broader audience, you can publish it for free on our Global Science Meetings Data Base. Below are example of some of the events we publish on or event calendar:

  • Scientific Trade Shows
  • Research Symposia
  • Science Meetings
  • Science Seminars
  • Research or Research Product Panel Discussions
  • Scientific Round Tables
  • Science Career Seminars
  • Research or Lab Product Webinars

Take advantage of this FREE resource and generate interest for your biotech event!

biotech marketing event

In addition, submitting and publishing your events for free, each day our staff selects up to 5 events to spotlight on our research blog (Spotlight on Science Events). These events will be promoted to: our research groups, our research twitter accounts, and our linked in accounts. For your convenience we will provide space to allow you to comment on your events. So, if interested in visiting our Global Science Meetings Data Base please follow this link. 

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