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Concierge Service is Provided at Our Vendor Shows

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Nov 26, 2012

At Biotechnology Calendar, terms like "concierge service" are part of our everyday vocabulary. We realize that this may not be the case for most people, so our mission here is to make it as clear as possible.

Concierge Service at a BRPF Show

"Concierge service" means that we provide laboratory supply and service companies that are exhibiting at our events with loading help before the show and re-loading help after the show. We help the sales representatives take the equipment and literature out of the car. We then place it on a cart and we roll it to the representative’s display area. We provide this service since we believe that the attending sales representative needs to look (and smell) great and that it is our job to make their job as easy as possible.  Sales representatives need to set up their own displays (we do not park the car, unpack the boxes, set up the table or take down the display) but we help get their materials from their cars to their displays, so they can focus on what they do best. We ensure there is staff on hand to help you move your exhibition items from your car to the table and from the tables back to your car.

Exhibitors needn't worry about carting their large equipment; they can walk in to their table, have everything ready and just focus on the event.  Sometimes exhibitors say it's ok; they will bring the stuff to the table themselves. But at the end of the show, they are very happy that they don't have to lug their things back to the car. 

Exhibitors are more prepared when the researchers arrive.  The sales representatives are in a happier, more conversational mood and less distracted, as opposed to having attention on moving boxes. Sales representatives are also happy to bring all of the materials they need since they know they will have help both coming in and going out. This means that they typically have more information and product samples on hand to provide the researchers with.

The estimated value of this item for Biotechnology Vendor Showcase (BVS), BioResearch Product Faire (BRPF), and Front Line series differs: For the larger shows the value of the concierge service is approximately $300-$500 depending on the size, wBioscience Concierge Serviceeight and number of boxes (this is for the use of the staff and the use of the loading/unloading zone, services typically charge $30-$50 per box). The value for the BRPF is approximately $200.  We prearrange and pay for the safe load and unload areas so our exhibitors do not have to.

We arrange for the event staff to be there for the exhibitors, all ready to go. We work with the campus to secure the unloading area so no one will get a ticket and if that does happen, we contact the campus to make arrangements, on a case by case basis.

Hopefully this has helped you get a better idea of Concierge Service. We look forward to helping you promote your brand and company at your next Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. show!

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