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Life Science Exhibitors: Show Stopping Displays for Laboratory Research Products

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Oct 17, 2012

As a life science exhibitor you only have one one opportunity to make a first impression.  A unique display will entice customers to stop and take another look. The reality is, as consumers, we often judge products based upon their location, display, and packaging. We tend to gravitate toward displays that look clean, organized, and interesting. Because of this, the more time you spend on your product appearance, the higher your product sales will likely be. The goal is to catch the attention of your customer in just a glance. 

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Looking Your Best At Research Events: At Life Science tradeshows, your customers can, with just a look, judge your product and develop an impression of your company. Because of this, it's important to have a showstopping display. Here are some helpful hints on having a standout product placement at Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. tradeshows:

  • It is important to make your display instantly recognizable with your company Logo.
  • Having a corporate tablecloth creates a clean professional appearance. 
  • Unique and interesting displays catch the eye.
  • An exhibitor's personal appearance is a part of the overall visual effect of the display, so look professional.
  • Organize your display to facilitate easy-access and maximize product visibility.
  • Maximize your product display space by using pop-ups and tabletop displays.
  • Take advantage of height differences, on display tables place small items in front and tall items in back.
  • To avoid looking cluttered, do not have too many items on display.

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We at Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. are professionals, skilled at helping you to secure valuable laboratory research leads. At our shows we provide furniture, accessories, and organizational planning to accommodate all of your product exhibition requirements. We are the most experienced on campus biotechnology tradeshow company in the US, with 20 years in the business.

To Help Your Product Display Stand Out We Offer:

  • Integrated marketing opportunities
  • Pre-show, on-site, and post-show promotion
  • The opportunity to host seminar presentations
  • Custom advertising for every budget
  • Market research

In order to have a successful biotechnology trade show experience, keep in mind you are always on stage, and you have only one first chance to entice your customers. Therefore, its important to pay attention to the details and create a display that is eye catching and has a professional appearance.

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