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Stranded at Logan Airport? Science Market Update Writer Too!

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Summer travel is usually busy, with airports crowded with a mix of business and professional travelers, but every so often- the stars and cloud patterns align in such a way that hundreds of travelers are stranded overnight in a place that wasn't initially part of their plans. Take tonight's  mix of events that stranded over 1,000 passengers at Boston's Logan Airport.  (A Mass Port Employee mentioned that of the 1000+ overnight guests, over 500 were stranded from a plane from Poland.) Usually business travelers resign to the fact that they will spend the night in a hotel nearby. Alas, tonight every hotel room under $300 in the major Boston Metropolitan area was booked. So business and vacation travelers devised creative solutions to the problem of "sleep" and entertainment.  To put in a plug for the airlines, and Mass Port Authority - it was a great place for our Science Market Update blogger to spend the night- clean, well lit, and customer service oriented and sympathetic staff. We never did get cots though. So we were wondering what kind of showing our life science market had at this event. Feel free to comment below if you were there.

The photos below were taken with the intent to keep the privacy of the travelers in mind, yet share the fun and sometimes ingenious ways to address the "how do I get some sleep/stay awake in the airport?" challenge.

stranded at logan airport camping area under stairs resized 600

stranded at Logan Airport makeshift bed resized 600

Stranded at Logan Airport services

Stranded at Logan Airport cot distribution

stranded at logan airport sleeper resized 600


Screen Shot 2012 07 18 at 9.52.34 PM resized 600

stranded at logan jet blue cotsstranded at logan trust you fellow strandees resized 600stranded at logan crowd leaving after getting in late

 Were you Stranded at Logan Airport? This Science Market Update writer was too, share your story and photos if you like.

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