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7 Tips for Better On Campus Life Science Product Shows

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Jun 08, 2012


Need to do better than the next guy at your next life science product show? 

Enjoy these 7 easy tips that make a big difference professionally.


on campus product show


ü Arrive Early: You get a better parking spot, close to where the show is, you can get lots of help with unloading and you can get to know the event on site director – who will help you in the future.

ü Be Nice to Event Staff and Company Reps Present: The life science community is really, really small, and your career track may depend on the formal or casual references that happen among professionals all moving through time and space together.

ü Be Nice to Customers: This means putting away distractions, facing them, making eye contact and answering questions in a friendly positive way.

ü Prepare for the Event: Bring life science products,  product samples, marketing materials business cards and a compelling graphic display.

ü Get Customer Information: even if the event company provides you with a list there is every reason to take names and notes.  This alone will increase the effectiveness of the event by 75% or more

ü Be an Advisor: No one expects you to have all the answers, or all the products, but if you are good at finding out what your customers need they will come back!

ü If you can not attend: Let the event planning company know as soon as you can so they can work with you to do damage control. Remember that your customers were looking forward to talking with you about thier research needs and if you do not come they will miss you and wonder if you or your company is having difficulties. Ask your event planning company for ideas to help you with this.

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