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Cheap Vendor Shows Got Your Goat?

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Jul 09, 2012

Have you been trying unsuccessfully to sell lab supplies to life science researchers at low budget vendor shows?

Are you frustrated by lab shows that are shut down by campus or research institution administrators? Is it embarrassing to your company (and bad for your brand) when you are asked to leave a non authorized, or not properly insured event?

Cheap Vendor Shows Got your goat?Don't let hungry event companies get your goat with low-quality shows! 

These and other problems can be avoided simply by doing a little homework. Some questions to ask when you or your company is looking at bottom line dollars when participating at a cheaper vendor show option include:


How does the purchasing department view companies that participate in unauthorized access to the institution through non-registered vendor shows?

Our Experience: Purchasing Agents and Campus administrators prefer that outside organizations comply with all organization policies - including use of space, catering and doorprize giveaways, and on-campus parking.



Is your sales staff spending the day at a fully insured safe event run by trained professionals, or are you working with a casually managed organization without proper leadership, training, or safety processes in place?

Our Experience: Trained professionals and proper planning make a world of difference in the exhibitors and the researchers expereince at an event. We are aware of competing event companies who "made bologna sandwhiches in the back of an event for the researchers," as well as events that should have happened but were canceled on short notice. Our facility contact at Harvard relayed a story of a Harvard science product show that was shut down mid-event becuse of non compliance of university policies.



How do your customers feel about seeing your company in their hallways, potentially blocking access to equipment, exits, restrooms and peers?

Our Experience: On a spot check of a nearby competing event we found that the tables in the hallway were poorly lit and impeded movement across the hall. This violated the eight feet access right of way required by most fire marshalls for events. The exhibit tables were right across from the elevator with a shocking six foot space in which to turn. Although the event was only 1-2 hours in duration, during this time rolling lab carts were not able to pass and had to detour through connecting halls.


What are the actual numbers of researchers that you see at these smaller events and how receptive are they to your marketing messages?

Our experience: At our recent UC Davis event we spoke with an exhibitor who mentioned that he did some less expensive shows, and he found them very hit and miss- with sometimes only ten people attending the event. Even if the show only cost a total of $400, if ten people attend said show, you're paying $40 per person. And that doesn't even account for travel expenses and hotel planning!

When we asked if this exhibitor got any sort of credit or discount for such an underperforming event, he looked confused.

48px Face confused


While any organization can have a bad day, it's the response to the situation that sets the top level players apart. With proper planning those bad experiences happen only rarely and when they do they are addressed promptly and professionally. At Biotechnology Calendar Inc. we strive daily to make sure that our exhibitor and attending researchers have the best possible experience at every event they attend. We have systems and checks in place that allow for minimum surprizes. When an unforseen issue does arise that affects the quality of the event, you will likely hear about it from us first- with a solution in hand.


If your company's brand, the efficiency of your sales staff, the ROI on the event, and general reputation is important to you: you do not have to settle for less. Biotechnology Calendar Inc. has been working with life science research universities and institutions for over 20 years and is fully compliant with institutional policies, procedures and professional groups. Our events are professionally run and we have systems in place that ensure you have the best experience possible at every event you attend.


 We invite you to join us at one of our many trade shows across the country. To find a show near you, please look at our 2012 schedule.

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