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Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Nov 11, 2013

Are you a lab supplier interested in marketing your life science products to researchers? In the current world of commerce, successful businesses know that the immediacy and accessibility of social media works best when combined with meeting customers face-to-face. This personalized quality of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. life science events makes them the perfect opportunity to sell lab equipment.

Exhibitor Surveys Inc. confirms that an emphasis on face-to-face marketing is pronounced even in the digital age.  A recent survey indicated, “traffic density, the average number of attendees per square foot of exhibition space, was up across the board in 2012.”

According to CIER, the Center for Industry Exhibition Research, trade show exhibits are consistent moneymakers for a few reasons:

  • The quality of your customer is higher: You will be marketing life science products to a specialist in the field with buying power.
  • Attendees visit trade shows to see what new products are available.
  • Building brand awareness and creating relationships are the primary objectives when it comes to gaining and keeping new customers.



Researchers and Exhibitors discuss new lab products at a recent

Biotechnolgy Vendor Showcase™ at The University of California, San Diego


In thinking about trade shows such as the life science events organized by Biotechnology Calendar, Inc., the value of group psychology cannot be underestimated.  When researchers, technicians and teachers arrive at an event, they have the sense that they are participating in the scientific community. They are able to explore developments in other fields.  They get to talk to lab suppliers working to sell lab equipment that may help them in the lab.  This collective experience of progress is another reason that life science events are a profitable opportunity for companies marketing life science products.  

Professionals with buying power travel specifically to Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. life science events ready to spend money.  According to the same study conducted by Exhibit Surveys Inc., “84 percent of trade show attendees have the power to recommend, specify, and/or make final purchasing decisions. Perhaps more importantly, 49 percent came to 2012 shows with real purchasing intent.”

Trade shows are also highly trackable in terms of lab suppliers’ return on investment. Attendees register for the event, promotions are monitored and sales can be linked to a give-away or piece of literature.  This provides lab suppliers with real numbers in order to calculate how many representatives they need and how much of their budget they can allocate. Mike Thimmesch, director of industry relations for Skyline Exhibits, cites a recent CEIR survey that says, “99% of marketers said they found unique value from trade shows they did not get from other marketing mediums.”

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. has hosted quality university trade shows for over 20 years.  Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. organizes life science events on over 50 campuses a year where major research projects are funded. Professors, lab managers, technicians and students at these events are eager to know what the latest lab technology looks like. 

Marketing life science products at the most prestigious universities helps to build an ongoing relationship between lab suppliers and research scientists. Our web presence and printed material build on the personal contacts you have established.  

The best way to represent  a product or service is to talk directly with customers.  Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. can build a tailored event package to insure your profitability.


Preview a video of our 2013 show at the University of California, Los Angeles here:

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