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University of Pittsburgh Will Begin Building $1M Laboratory

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Sep 11, 2013

The University of Pittsburgh will soon begin construction on a new $1 million laboratory at the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. The new laboratory is expected to attract researchers from around the globe. The 3,600-square-foot facility will be funded by the NSF, and in addition to being used by some of the world’s top researchers will be a base of outreach to elementary, middle and high school teachers in the region.

According to a University of Pittsburgh news article, Rick Relyea, director of the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology and professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, said that the NSF’s generous award is the outcome of six years of effort on the part of University of Pittsburgh administration and staff to make the new facility a mission of growth and education outreach.

“The funding that has been received for this project is an acknowledgment of the high regard that Professor Relyea and his colleagues have garnered within their national peer group,” said Dick Howe, associate dean for administration and planning in the Dietrich School. “These construction awards are highly competitive, especially in this era of funding sequestration. The Dietrich School is delighted to partner with NSF on this joint venture that will make our Pymatuning facility even more productive and better suited to serve our students along with high school students and teachers within Pennsylvania’s northwestern region.”


University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh

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Lab suppliers marketing university lab equipment and life science products may be interested to know that NIH and NSF funding statistics prove the University of Pittsburgh to be a very well-funded market. The University of Pittsburgh received $430 million from the NIH in 2012. The funding was distributed among a number of life projects within the university. Internal medicine was the best funded department at the university, having received 191 awards and $93.6 million. For a full list of life science departments receiving NIH funding organized by department name, total funding awarded and number of awards received, please visit the NIH website.

In addition to receiving funding from the NIH, the University of Pittsburgh received $24.7 million from the NSF in 2012. The projects receiving funding were located within various life science disciplines. Projects in the life science field were awarded $3.3 million in total. For a full list of NSF-funded projects at the University of Pittsburgh, please visit the NSF website.

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