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UCSD Receives $30M from NIH for 4D Nucleome Research

Posted by Robert Larkin on Mon, Dec 07, 2015

dna-239263_640The National Institutes of Health has awarded $30 million in grants for the development of the 4D Nucleome Program at University of California, San Diego. The $120 million NIH project comprises six separate initiatives, with three of the initiatives involving UCSD researchers.

UCSD’s involvement in the program includes a five-year, $20.2 million grant to establish the 4D Nucleome Program organizational hub at the university, to “integrate the efforts of all the 4D Nucleome Program’s funded initiatives and promote cooperation and communication among participants”. (

UC San Diego researchers will join the collaborative research initiative, which is aimed at better understanding the structure of DNA. Specifically, researchers will study nuclear organization, and the health effects of changes in this organization over time. The program will also emphasize and facilitate investment in future technology development, including new chemical, biochemical, and imaging tools.

UC San Diego researchers will receive one quarter of the program’s funding, lead the program’s organizational hub, and contribute to two additional research initiatives.

Other 4D Nucleome Program initiatives include a five-year, $8.6 million grant to UC San Diego and Ludwig Cancer Research for the creation of the Nuclear Organization and Function Interdisciplinary Consortium, and a five-year, $3 million grant for Imaging Tools. UCSD research teams will create genetically encoded metal nanoparticles and novel paints that will expose specific genes in the DNA and allow researchers to see their nuclear structure. The analysis and storage of these visual genome atlases will be facilitated by the program’s organizational hub.

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