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Patient Experience 2017

Posted on May 9, 2017 3:18:58 PM

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To be a leader in today’s economy, you need to excel at customer experience. Healthcare isn’t travel or retail, but the consumer is the same person, whether they are searching for a hotel room or picking a hospital or medication. Patients are unlike other kinds of customers since they have to make complex, time-sensitive health-related decisions. The competitive landscape is changing rapidly and the end-to-end experience matters more than ever. The traditional commercial approach based on mass-media advertising, aggressive sales forces, ready access to physicians and relatively uninformed patients has fallen short. To date, few health systems, pharmaceutical companies and device manufacturers have successfully achieved exemplary patient/customer experience initiatives. To connect with patients when they are looking for answers is an increasingly important source of competitive advantage. In order to achieve this, healthcare and life sciences companies need to design a new approach based on an understanding of the patients’ experiences and how they make decisions, especially in today’s tech-driven world where patients engage with other patients and providers through various channels. Every action point in the patient journey is potentially a vital point of interaction. By understanding the patient experience, industry professionals can provide better care and products — and improve business results.

Join us at our inaugural Patient Experience 2017 for interactive discussions that will help you better understand the patient journey and produce improved loyalty, sales and profits, and take advantage of extensive networking opportunities for professionals in patient and customer experience.

Hyatt Regency Jersey City on the Hudson

2 Exchange Place, Jersey City, NJ, United States



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