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Nano-Optics: Principles Enabling Basic Research & Applications

Posted on May 22, 2015 5:03:00 AM

Course - Erice, Italy
The purpose of the International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy is two-fold:
  1. To bring the workers in spectroscopy and related disciplines up to date on the new experimental and theoretical developments in this field of research, and
  2. To create an opportunity for the researchers in the various subfields of spectroscopy to discuss their problems in an interdisciplinary framework.
Spectroscopic investigations are concerned with phenomena observed when the radiation from a source, separated into its various wavelengths, is made to interact with the constituents of a physical system. Through the examination of particular spectra, the identification of known molecular species can be carried out; by means of spectroscopy it has been possible, for example, to identify the presence of chemical elements in distant stars.
More basic applications of the science of spectroscopy have produced a better understanding of atomic and molecular structures and of such phenomena as luminescence. Rotational, vibrational and electronic states of molecules continue to be subjects of investigation; also the important field of energy transfer between the different degrees of freedom in molecules is an object of study.
Organization: International School of Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Sat, Jul 04, 2015 - Sun, Jul 19, 2015
Ettore Majorana Center and Foundation for Scientific Culture
Erice, Italy
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