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EMBO Conference on Europhosphatase 2015: Phosphorylation Switches & Cellular Homeostasis

Posted on May 13, 2015 2:31:00 AM

Conference - Turku, Finland
Reversible phosphorylation of proteins is regulated by the opposing actions of phosphatases and protein kinases. Various classes of phosphatases have specific substrates in vivo, are highly regulated by physiological events, and perform critical and specific roles in regulating cell signaling. Phosphatase dysfunction has been linked to human diseases, making detailed understanding of phosphatase biochemistry and biology critical for future therapies. This EMBO Conference: Europhosphatase 2015 will discuss the function of phosphatases at the molecular, cellular and whole-organism levels. The conference will have a special emphasis on importance of equilibrium of phosphatases and kinases (phosphoswitches) in regulating tissue homeostasis in different physiological and pathological conditions. This EMBO Conference is relevant to all researchers studying phosphorylation dependent signaling in health and disease. Europhosphatase 2015 is the fifth meeting in the EMBO Conference Series on Protein Phosphatases and will be attended by the leaders of the field.
Wed, Jun 24, 2015 - Mon, Jun 29, 2015
Radisson Blu Marina Palace Hotel
Linnankatu 32, Turku, Finland
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