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Agricultural Genomics — From Variation to Crops

Posted on Nov 7, 2014 12:48:13 PM

Conference - Beijing, China
We have seen a recent explosion of genomics data and its wide application to understanding the genetic basis of plant variation associated with crop yield increase. Next generation sequencing technology enables fast acquisition of genomic data and allows deeper and systematic mining of genetic diversity. Integration of genomics knowledge with conventional genetic research methodology creates novel niches in crop plant biology. This conference will present recent genomic breakthroughs to explore key questions in crop productivity, covering a broad range of topics in which functional genomics methodologies are used to dissect the mechanisms of crop production and sustainability. The new developments in agricultural genomics create new opportunities to investigate the genomic diversity of crops and germplasms, heterosis, biotic and abiotic stress tolerance and determinants of quality and yield, and to apply these findings in crop breeding.
This conference, co-organized by Nature Genetics, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences and Chinese Academy of Sciences, will showcase new progress in the genetic and genomic fields of major crops, including, but not limited to rice, maize and wheat, as well as future directions into genomics-based crop breeding. The following topics will be covered in the conference:
Crop genomics
Plant development
Reproductive biology and heterosis
Stress biology
Grain yield improvement
Germplasm and breeding
Organization: Nature Publishing Group
Agricultural Genomics — From Variation to Crops
Mon, Nov 10, 2014 - Wed, Nov 12, 2014
 Soluxe International Convention Center
Beijing, China
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