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35th New Phytologist Symposium. The genomes of forest trees: new frontiers of forest biology

Posted on Dec 26, 2014 3:31:12 AM

Symposium - Boston, MA, United States
New genomic technologies are bringing previously intractable but fascinating aspects of forest tree biology to the forefront of plant biology. Completed and ongoing sequencing projects are providing extensive expressed gene and even full genome sequence resources for tree species from diverse taxa. At the same time, creative applications of genomic and sequencing technologies are producing tools capable of probing the fundamental processes responsible for woody growth and other unique biological processes in trees. Among the most promising but largely unexplored areas of research is the use of comparative evolutionary genomics approaches that can illuminate key regulatory processes and how they have evolved over macro - and micro-evolutionary history. For example, the evolutionary innovations leading to the vast array of woody growth forms in extant plants are almost entirely unknown at the genetic level, but could soon be elucidated using comparative genomics approaches.
Organizer: New Phytologist Trust
For more information, please visit:
16–17 June 2015 (09:00 - 22:00)
Arnold Arboretum, Harvard University, Boston, USA
Contact: Michael Panagopulos (
Phone: 01524592839
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