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Thomas Jefferson University Study Finds Breast Cancer Molecule

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Jul 03, 2013

Scientists at Thomas Jefferson University have discovered a gene that has a powerful effect on the development of breast cancer tumors in mice. The gene EYA1 was proved to be overexpressed in luminal B, a genetic breast cancer subtype. The researchers also found that too much activity in EYA1 increases the presence of breast cancer stem cells that allow the body to resist cancer therapy and lead to a low survival rate.

“It was known that EYA1 is over-expressed in some breast cancers, but no one knew what that meant. Our studies have shown the enzyme drives luminal B breast tumor growth in animals and the enzyme activity is required for tumor growth,” said Director of the Kimmel Cancer Center Richard Pestell, M.D., Ph.D. “We are excited about the potential of drug treatment, because it is much easier to develop a drug that targets a phosphatase enzyme like EYA1 than it is to target a gene directly.”

The study, which was supported by NIH grants, was published on May 1 in the journal Cancer Research and investigated 2,154 breast cancer samples. According to PR Web, the scientists linked the increased presence of EYA1 and cyclin D1 to low survival rates in the study.

“Within every breast cancer are breast cancer stem cells, which give rise to anti-cancer therapy resistance, recurrence and metastases. We demonstrated in laboratory experiments that EYA1 expression increase the number of mammospheres and other markers of breast cancer stem cells,” said Dr. Pestell.


Thomas Jefferson University

Thomas Jefferson University

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons


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