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UCD Eye Center Building Project Provides New Research Laboratory Space

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Thu, May 03, 2012

The rapid growth of the UC Davis Health System has spurred plans for a new eye center to accommodate the expanding needs of patients and the university.

The new building project, called the UC Davis Health System Eye Center, would help accommodate the growth of the university. The center would provide much needed clinical facilities, and more importantly, would constitute a significant increase in UCD's research and laboratory space.

New Research Laboratory Space

(Artist's rendering of the UC Davis Health System Eye Center courtesy of UC Davis)

From 1998 to 2012 the number of patients visiting UC Davis' Sacramento clinics increased from 22,000 to over 50,000.  Additionally, from 2001 to 2004 the total research grant funding for the university rose from $8.45 million to $17 million.  Drug and clinical trials also increased from 37 to 66. 

In order to accommodate this significant expansion in research, the current eye center has been conducting research in less than ideal facilities.  They have run out of new research laboratory space and often are forced to send staff and faculty to distant parts of campus.

In a summary of the proposed Eye Center building project, UCD stated that the new facilities mission is the "creation of new synergies, new cures, and new technologies for the preservation and restoration of sight."

The planned state-of-the art complex will likely be able to advance toward this goal. It will provide over 65,000 square-feet of new space, a 60% increase from the department's current size. According to UCD, the new facility will meet "the eye center’s growth projections and technological requirements for many years to come."

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