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Four Reasons UCSF is a Leader for Biomedical Research

Posted by BCI Staff on Fri, Oct 21, 2011

University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) is a standout leader among the world’s health science centers.  For over thirty years the institution has taken a holistic approach, combining patient care, health education, and research.  Here are four highlights that help distinguish UCSF’s as an outstanding leader for biomedical research. 


 1) The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine building

 The campus recently completed construction on a new $123 million stem cell facility.  The Ray and Dagmar Dolby Regeneration Medicine building will promote collaborations between stem cell researchers and provide cutting edge research space for the Eli and Edythe Broad Center for Regenerative Medicine.  University scientists will conduct their research programs in the 125 laboratories within the building.  Funding for the facility came largely from private sponsors, as well as from the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine (CIRM). (See our detailed blog: UCSF Stem Cell Research at New Parnassus Campus Building).

 UCSF Parnassus Stem Cell Building 

(Photographer: Bruce Damonte, courtesy of Rafael Vinoly Architects)

 2) Economic Impact

UCSF has a $6.2 billion economic impact on the San Francisco Bay Area.  The famous biomedical institution is currently the second largest employer in the region with over 39,000 related jobs.  This accounts for close to 6-percent of employment within the city.  UCSF also ranks among the top five universities in the nation in terms of money spent research, with an average of $180 million in biomedical construction projects annually. 


 3) Mission Bay Campus

 UCSF is currently undergoing one of the largest biomedical construction projects in the world.  The university is working on construction of three hospitals that focus on research, treatment, and care for women, children, and cancer patients.  These facilities are expected to be fully functional by 2015 and are expected to attract private biotech companies to the area. 

Mission Bay UCSF Facility









 (Courtesy of


 4) NIH Funding

During the 2010 fiscal year, the UCSF School of Medicine attracted $422.1 in grants.  UCSF is currently one of the top NIH funded universities in the nation.   The university receives more federal funding than any other public university and is third overall among public and private institutions. 


If you are a life science researcher or laboratory supplier in the Bay Area, plan on attending the next Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event.  This life science laboratory product show and research networking event is held semiannually on the Mission Bay and Parnassus campuses.  The expositions are an excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with life science and medical science researchers and to learn about up-to-date laboratory products, scientific supplies and analytical equipment.  The next San Francisco Research community event will next be held on January 26, 2012 at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus.



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