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Biotechnology Research Funding increased with 2012 Budget

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, May 04, 2011

Despite calls to for massive cuts in the federal science funding budget, President Obama has remained committed to an increase in new biotechnology research funding for federal institutions such as the NIH, NSF, CDC, and FDA.

In the February budget proposal President Obama appeared to remain committed to promoting science innovation and education as a keystone of his plan to get the economy back on track. 

The proposal includes a significant increase in new research funding for the NIH. Under Obama's budget proposal the NIH would receive $745 million in new budget funding, an increase of 2.4% from the last budget approved for the institution. 

President Obama's budget was not passed by the Republican controlled house. A budget compromise will likely mean a decrease in Obama's proposed biotechnology funding increases. However, given the relatively small funding cuts to the NIH in the 2011 budget deal (see our 2011 budget blog) there is reason to believe that the NIH will survive this round of budget negotiations with minor cuts or maybe even a funding increase.

Although Obama is pushing a significant increase in funding for the NIH, it would still receive the smallest funding increase out of the four federal agencies (NIH, FDA, NSF, CDC). The FDA, NSF and CDC would all receive double digit research funding increases under Obama's plan:

  • The FDA's budget spending would be raised by one-third, an increase of $1.07 billion.
  • The NSF's budget funding would increase by $7.77 billion, 13% more than FY 2010 spending. 
  • The CDC would receive $370.9 million in new funding, a 11.6% increase.

This recent 2012 budget proposal shows the promise of continuing commitment to promote science and biotechnology innovation at U.S. research universities and in U.S. industry from the top. 

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Should the federal science budget be cut or should it be increased? Do you think that Obama's budget proposal would spur science innovation? Comment and give us your opinion below.

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