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Inorganic Polyphosphate (polyP) Physiology

Conference - London, United Kingdom
Inorganic polyphosphate (polyP), the linear polymer of orthophosphates, contains “high-energy” phosphoanhydride bonds, which are thermodynamically equivalent to the energy rich bonds of ATP.
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Tags: Biochemistry, United Kingdom, Physiology, September, London, 2015, 1 day only, Conference

SDCSB Intellectual Property and Licensing Symposium

Workshop - La Jolla, CA, United States
This workshop will bring together Intellectual Property professionals, Entrepreneurs, Researchers, and Students to discuss the recent developments in the area of Intellectual property and Licensing.
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Tags: CA, April, Workshop, United States, Systems Biology, Symposium, 2015, San Diego, 1 day only, biotech, La Jolla

Anglonordic Life Science Conference XII

Conference - London, United Kingdom
Now entering its twelfth year the conference will continue with its successful concept and keep its "by invitation only" policy.
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Tags: United Kingdom, April, London, 2015, 1 day only, Conference, Biotechnology, Biotech current events, Life Science

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