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Join the Minds of Janelia - Signal Transforms in the Early Visual System

Posted on Sep 3, 2014 2:32:00 AM


Conference - Ashburn, VA, United States

A half-century of in vivo electrophysiological recordings indicate that neurons in many areas of the CNS, including the visual system, become sensitive to increasingly specific characteristics of external cues as stimulus-evoked signals propagate centrally.However, recent studies provide evidence for neurons early in the visual pathway with highly selective receptive field properties, suggesting that the early representation of the visual scene is perhaps more elaborate than established models suggest. These new findings emphasize the need for a better understanding of the functional and anatomical organization of circuits throughout the visual pathway: (1) Which neurons comprise the circuit and how are they connected? (2) How do these neurons process and convey information to a subsequent synapse(s)? (3) How are signals transformed throughout multiple stages of processing?

Organization: Janelia Farm Research Campus

Join the Minds of Janelia - Signal Transforms in the Early Visual System

Sun, Sep 14, 2014 - Wed, Sep 17, 2014

Janelia Farm Research Campus

19700 Helix Drive, Ashburn, VA 20147

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