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UW, Madison Scientific Sales: New Construction and Funding

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Aug 10, 2016

The University of Wisconsin, Madison is growing again after spending over $1 billion last year in research and development.



(Image Courtesy of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.)


Recent research building construction projects:

-     The University of Wisconsin is undergoing a $1.64M remodel of its Vet Med Building. The remodel will include labs and learning spaces to be completed by the end of 2016.


-     The University’s Babcock Hall Dairy Plant renovation will begin next year. The $34M project will house the Center for Dairy Research in a three-story facility.


-     The 9-story Chemistry Instruction building at the University of Wisconsin will be adding a $111M addition and will complete renovation next year.


-     The Engineering Hall for the Wisconsin Structures and Materials Testing Lab at the University of Wisconsin will be undergoing a new lab addition. The $3M project is currently in the design stage and is set to start construction next year.


-     The University of Wisconsin will start constructing a new Meat Science and Muscle Biology Building this December. The $45M research building will feature a 2-story modern teaching, research, and outreach facility.


Exhibitors interested in an opportunity to help outfit these new research labs with products and equipment, are invited to join Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. at the upcoming Wisconsin BioResearch Product Faire™ event this fall.



(Image Courtesy of Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.)


"I liked the setup of exhibits and the space allowed. Exhibit staff were very helpful and friendly upon entering and exiting. I am the lead technician for the UW-SDRC and several companies were helpful with products that I will need in the future such as reprogramming iPSC's and electroporation of primary cells." - M. S., University of Wisconsin BCI event

For More Testimonials:


University of Wisconsin BioResearch Product Faire™ Event – 9/9/2016


Call Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. today to reserve an exhibit space at 530-272-6675.

For Researchers interested in attending:

Researchers: Attend Madison Event

For Exhibitors:

Exhibitors Attend UW Madison Event

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