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$2 Million Raised for Agricultural Center at Colorado State

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Mon, Jun 03, 2013

Taking into account the school’s latest funding news, in which Colorado State raised $2 million for an agricultural center and the NIH and NSF have given the school a wealth of research funding, Colorado State University may be of interest to biotechnology vendors and lab suppliers hoping to increase scientific product sales leads and market university lab equipment at life science marketing events in the southwest United States.

According to Today @ Colorado State, Colorado State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences received $1 million in February from a group of agricultural lenders as a part of a Denver-based initiative by CoBank, who will be donating $5 million to agricultural research and education.

"CSU has a distinguished history as a center of knowledge, research and education in agricultural sciences," said Robert B. Engel, president and CEO of CoBank. "We are delighted to be joining with American AgCredit, Farm Credit of Southern Colorado and Premier Farm Credit in support of this exciting initiative, which will deliver meaningful, long-term benefits to agriculture and Colorado's rural economy."

A Center for Agricultural Education will be built at the Colorado State University research farm near Fort Collins once the fundraising goal of $3 million has been met. So far, $2 million has been raised thanks to the help of companies, industry associations and individual donors.


Colorado State University

Colorado State University

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According to the latest NIH and NSF funding statistics, Colorado State University is a well-funded market for lab suppliers marketing university lab equipment. In 2012, the NIH awarded the school $34.6 million. For the convenience of our readers, we have composed a list of some of the top-funded life science departments at Colorado State University, broken down by department, number of projects receiving awards and total research funding. For a full list of departments receiving funding, please visit the NIH website.

2012 NIH Life Science Funding at Colorado State University

  • Biochemistry – 14 awards, $4.7 million
  • Biostatistics – 1 award, $269,268
  • Chemistry – 11 awards, $2.1 million
  • Microbiology – 33 awards, $16.1 million
  • Veterinary Sciences – 13 awards, $3.5 million

In addition to receiving NIH funding, Colorado State University was also awarded $33.6 million in research funding from the NSF in 2012. Life science funding went towards projects in disciplines such as plant genome research, ecosystem science, population and community ecology, evolutionary processes, macrosystem biology, cellular dynamics and function, genetic mechanisms, systems and synthetic biology, molecular biophysics, physiology and structural systems, developmental systems and neural systems.

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