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Life Science Research Building Planned at U Minnesota Research Campus

Posted by Dylan Fitzwater on Fri, May 11, 2012

The University of Minnesota is planning  to construct a new $52 million new life science research building in the new Biomedical Discovery District Research Campus. The new facility will consolidate infectious disease and microbiology research conducted at the university into one complex.

The building is currently in the design phase, with initial construction work set to begin as early as July 2013. The total costs are still being determined, but it is estimated that the building will cost about $35 million with an additional 9% to 11% for design fees. The remaining $52 million budget will be set aside for laboratory equipment supplies and general furnishings. The building will likely be complete within 3 years.

The new biomedical building will bring together researchers and labs in microbiology and infectious disease which are currently scattered throughout the U Minnesota Research Campus and main campus. The total size of the building will be between 53,000 square feet and 72,000 square feet, depending how efficiently the available funding is used in the design process.

life science research building

(rendition of the Biomedical Discovery District research campus courtesy of UMinn)

The new building comes on the heels of several new major construction projects in the Biomedical Discovery District Research Campus including the new Cancer/Cardio building and the major renovation of the Center for Magnetic Resonance Research Building.

The Biomedical Discovery District promises to become a vibrant research hub at the University of Minnesota.

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