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Current Life Science Events Draw Crowds with the Right Title

Posted by BCI Staff on Thu, Dec 08, 2011

Current science events including life science product and technique seminars are one of the best scientific sales and marketing tools used by companies to gain exposure, establish credibility and build name recognition in research communities.

When companies lead life science product and technical seminars, the goals are typically to share knowledge about new equipment and methods that will help researchers solve lab challenges so that these same researchers can more effectively push back the frontiers of science.

By sharing expertise presenters build trust and a reputation for not only understanding the needs of laboratory scientists but also offering proven solutions to the problems researchers face everyday. Seminars offered in person have the big advantage that  researchers can ask questions about the specific problems they are currently addressing in the lab.

As a life science business person the title you select for your seminar is crucial to attracting the largest and most relevant audience to your technical or product information session and thereby meeting your goal to help as many researchers as possible find the best products or methods available for the challenges they face.

Below are a few suggestions to help you create a title that will ensure that your seminar gets the right attention and generates results from your trade show participation.


Your life science product and technique seminar titles will likely draw more attention if they:

Grab Attention - Consider your seminar title a headline. Just as a headline in a magazine, newspaper or journal attracts attention, so should your seminar title. A title is an opportunity to make an impression on your customers and encourage them to learn more, read-on or make your session a "must attend" event.

Create Emotion - A good title will strike an emotional or intellectual chord with your customers and prospects making them want to attend your seminar. It should trigger emotions and engage the person. A good title creates a sense of urgency and makes them want to learn more immediately. Most people react positively to headlines and titles if they have an emotional reaction that they need to satisfy, a question in their mind or curiosity about the subject. You know you've created a good title if it makes your target audience think, "That will make my research easier!" "This is what I need!" "That will improve results and cut down on laboratory time!" "How do I get it?"

Make a Promise - Your seminar title should make a promise for something that your target audience really wants. The title

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should: promise to learn the secrets; understand the steps; solve the problem; or explore the latest advances. Develop a plan so that they can experience the results you promised. Be Relevant to your Target Market - your title should be relevant and address the concerns of the audience. The same seminar material can have many different titles. By tweaking the content and title to address the specific research campus audience, you will attract more attendees.

Avoid Self Promotion - The title should be broad enough to attract a large, relevant audience. Your product or company name should rarely be used in the title of the seminar, as most researchers are not interested in a formal sales pitch promoting a specific product or service. Product names or unique services can be used as examples in seminar content to support the information presented. Remember the seminar content should be informative, improve laboratory results or create solutions to research problems.

Examples of interesting titles:

DANGER in the Laboratory: How Safety Impacts Your Research Programs (stirs emotions)

Remarkably Simple Real-Time PCR: Innovations in Gene Discovery (promise and relevant)

Innovations in Stem Cell Research: Techniques and Serum Free Alternatives to Better Your Cell Culture Research (promise and relevant)

Extraction to Reaction: DNA Extraction, PCR Set-up, Real-Time Analysis (grabs attention with play on words)

Innovative Solutions Using Microplate Readers and Microarray Scanners to Accelerate Your Research (promise to share innovative solution)

Cloning Your Way: Any Vector, Any Insert, Anywhere (grabs attention with play on words)

Stop Thumb Wrestling With Your Pipetor: Pipetting, Ergonomics and You (grabs attention, stirs emotions and relevant)

Redefine and Revolutionize Your Real-Time qPCR Assays (promise to redefine and revolutionize)

New Advances in Mutation Scanning (relevant)

Staying on Target with siRNAs: Issues and Solutions (relevant and promises to explain issues and provide solutions)

Examples of less attractive titles:

"Product Name"™: The Best for PCR (self promotion)

New Features in "Product Name", Version 10 (self promotion)

Reducing Purified Water Costs (too general)

If you are a laboratory product supplier that would like to give product or technique seminars to researchers in a format where you would be open to questions and face-to-face interaction, read the vendor show exhibitor information packet  to find out about how Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. can help you connect with thelife scientistse audiences.


If you are a life science researcher that would like to participate in an on campus vendor show near you, take a look at our  2012 schedule of events and register for the one closest to you!



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