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Lab Equipment Sales Soar as Researchers Find Solutions in Texas

Posted by yolanda lerner on Mon, Feb 10, 2014

2014 started off with a bang in terms of interest in lab products at Texas A&M and the Texas Medical Center BioResearch Product Faire™ Sales Events last week, with 60 lab suppliers presenting their 2014 offerings to the over 600 participating researchers seeking new products, networking, and fact finding.

  tx lab sales 

Texas Medical Center 2014 BioResearch Product Faire™

Participating companies have reported the number of guests, number of solid leads looking to purchase their products, the average cost of their products, and the number of times products are typically purchased each year. Responses from lab supply and equipment companies regarding the interest in their products at this event ranged from about $10,000 to $4.2 Million in potential sales from this single market. Below are some sample responses to survey questions, segregated by product price:

In the under $10K average product price* category:

  • 30 solid leads for a $5k product
  • 10 leads for a $1,000 product ordered up to 10 times per year
  • 100 high-quality leads for a $600 product that is purchased 5-6 times each year
  • 12 leads for a $300 product purchased monthly
  • 10 leads for a $5K product
  • 100 for a $400 product typically reordered 10 times a year
  • 4 leads for a $5K product
  • And some companies were too busy to calculate numbers, as one reported "oodles" of leads for a $400 product reordered 2-3 times per year

In the over $10K product price range lab equipment companies did brisk business as well:

  • One company reported 5 solid leads for a $150K purchase
  • One reported 15 great leads for equipment ranging $145K - $280K in price
  • Another reported 11 solid leads for a $15K product

texas research sales

Texas A & M BioResearch Product Faire ™ Event

It's a solid start for 2014 lab sales for our lab suppliers looking to share their newest technologies with the researchers who use them. If you are a lab supplier with top products and want to see results like this from your marketing and sales efforts, watch the video below or give Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.  a call. We can help you too.



Lab suppliers are invited to join us at these upcoming Q1 shows:


37th Semiannual University of California, San Diego San Diego CA
15th Annual University of Georgia, Athens Athens GA
15th Annual Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta Atlanta GA
15th Annual Georgetown University Washington, DC DC
15th Annual Washington University, St. Louis St. Louis MO
9th Annual Mount Sinai, School of Medicine New York NY
17th Semiannual Rockefeller University New York NY
6th Annual Front Line Event** University of California, Santa Barbara Santa Barbara CA
10th Semiannual University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles CA
33rd Semiannual University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles CA


If you provide reserchers with solutions you are invited to enter to win a free complete marketing package, including exhibt space at an upcoming event by clicking below:

Enter to win free exhibit space drawing


*To protect confidentiality of our customer survey results, we list responses by price product category only

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