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Nanotechnologies in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prevention

Posted on Apr 17, 2013 12:42:00 PM

Nanotechnologies in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prevention

Conference - Moscow, Russian Federation

Harnessing principles from chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering, nanotechnology is a multidisciplinary field still in its infancy. Throughout the past decade, nanoparticles and specifically nanoparticle drug delivery systems, have emerged at the forefront of cancer therapies.

Nanotechnology has helped to design and fabricate micro-scale devices, including nanoparticle drug delivery systems able to target tumors and other cancerous tissue. Nanotechnology is also being explored to generate other novel techniques to design biomarkers, immunotherapy, and vaccine development for cancer.

Featuring keynote address by Nobel Laureate Roger Y. Tsien, PhD, this 2.5-day conference will discuss: nanodiagnostics for cancer biomarkers and imaging, nanoparticle toxicity and safety; nanovaccines and nanoimmunotherapeutics; the challenges of targeted delivery in tumors; and nanoparticle-based gene therapy. A discussion of these topics will serve to enhance the translation of research discoveries into improved cancer diagnostic and treatment strategies.

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Nanotechnologies in Cancer Diagnosis, Therapy, and Prevention ...

June 11, 2013 - June 13, 2013

World Trade Center Moscow Congress Center, Moscow, Russia

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