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EMBO Practical Course on Modern Biophysical Methods for Protein-Ligand Interactions

Posted on Oct 17, 2013 4:16:00 AM

EMBO Practical Course: 'Modern Biophysical Methods for Protein-Ligand Interactions'

Course - Oulu, Finland

The study of interactions between proteins and cellular molecules is fundamental to the understanding of biological systems. Drastically increased interest in this problem among investigators working in different fields of biological science needs to be supported b yknowledge of biophysical tools and approaches dealing with protein interactions. It is an attractive idea to bring together excellent biophysicists and students to exchange experiences and to discuss the philosophy and practical elements related to the study of protein-ligand interactions. The main goal this course to give an introduction into the broad range of modern biophysical methods (SPR, FCS, CD, ITC, AUC, DLS/SLS, NMR, MS, Cryo-EM, single molecule spectroscopy, DSF, native gel electrophoresis) used to study the different aspects of protein–ligand interactions.

This EMBO Practical Course provides a forum for open and active discussion about the use of biophysical data to solve problems in the fields of cell biology, systems biology and structural biology and for drug discovery projects. Among other things, the course will focus on in-depth analysis of the capabilities and restrictions of different biophysical methods leading to th edevelopment of an optimal strategy to study protein-ligand interactions and mathematical treatment of experimental data. Additionally, the students will be introduced to the bioinformatic tools used to predict interaction partners, completely new technologies such as double polarization interferometry and thermophoresis.

Organization: EMBO


(Courtesy of Linnanmaa, Oulu, Finland, via

Modern biophysical methods for protein–ligand interactions

Sun, Oct 20, 2013 - Fri, Oct 25, 2013

Department of Biochemistry and Biocenter Oulu
Linnanmaa Campus, Oulu, Finland

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