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Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Jul 02, 2012

If you are a life science professional looking to keep up with Biotechnology Current Events across the nation you will want to visit Biotechnology Calendar Inc.'s daily Science Researcher Update: Spotlight on Meetings, Conferences and Events

Some recently spotlighted events include:

  • Scientific Research: Microfluidics 2012
  • EMBO Research Conference: Viruses of Microbes
  • Gordon Research Conference: Plant Molecular Biology
  • The Immunotherapeutics and Vaccine Research Summit
  • ASABE Annual International Meeting
  • Drug and Diagnostic Development
  • Livestock Biotech Summit at Kansas City, MO
  • The Midwest Agricultural Industries Exposition (MAGIE)
  • Life Science Innovation Northwest
  • University Research: Nanostructure Fabrication

Life science professionals will see meetings like the upcoming EMBO Research Conference: Viruses of Microbes which was highlighted on Wed, Jun 27, 2012 and will be held in Brussels, Belgium on July 16 - 20, 2012.

This EMBO conference in Brussels will address the diversity, evolution, ecology and environmental impact of microbial viruses, the most abundant biological entities on Earth. New developments in fundamental, (bio)technological, industrial and medical aspects of virus research will be explored by top researchers in the world.



(Image courtesy of EMBO)

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