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Working with Parasite Database Resources

Posted on Jul 30, 2015 6:40:00 AM

Workshop - Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom
This residential workshop aims to provide experimental biologists working on protozoan parasites with hands-on experience in genomic-scale data analysis, including genome browsers and comparison tools, methods for data integration, and resources for sophisticated data mining. Examples and exercises will be drawn primarily from the and resources and will include a variety of eukaryotic parasitic organisms including Apicomplexa (ie. Plasmodium and Toxoplasma) and kinetoplastida (ie. Trypanosoma and Leishmania). Applicants working on any protozoan parasite from these resources will benefit.
This course is taught as a collaborative effort between the Parasite Genomics Group (Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute, UK) and the Eukaryotic Pathogen Bioinformatics Resource Center (University of Georgia & University of Pennsylvania, US). The majority of this intensive programme will be based on hands-on exercises with lectures on genomics and bioinformatics techniques, in addition to daily keynote presentations by world-renowned parasitologists.
Organization: Wellcome Trust
Sun, Oct 18, 2015 - Fri, Oct 23, 2015
Wellcome Trust Genome Campus
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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