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SIAM Conference on Control and Its Applications (CT17)

Posted on Jun 1, 2017 7:40:00 AM

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This conference will showcase a wide range of topics in control and systems theory. The topics and applications include control of PDEs, computational mathematics for control and optimization, real-time optimization and data assimilation, cooperative control for unmanned autonomous vehicles, dynamic games, cellular and biological regulation, control of hybrid systems, control techniques for financial mathematics, analysis and control of biomedical systems, risk sensitive control and filtering, control of smart systems, flow control and quantum control.

Themes Include:

  • Adaptive Control
  • Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Systems
  • Analysis, Control and Identification of Distributed Parameter Systems
  • Computational Issues in Nonlinear Control and Optimization
  • Control for Unmanned Autonomous Vehicles
  • Control of Biological Systems
  • Control of Hybrid Systems
  • Control of Networks
  • Control of Power Systems and Smart Grid
  • Control of Smart Material Systems
  • Control Techniques for Financial Mathematics
  • Cooperative Control
  • Fluid Flow Control
  • Game Theory
  • Industrial Applications
  • Learning and Estimation in Control
  • Modeling, Estimation, and Control of Large Scale Systems with Massive Amounts of Data
  • Networked and Embedded Controls
  • Nonlinear Estimation and Data Assimilation
  • Optimization in Control and Systems Theory
  • Quantum Control, Estimation, and Filtering
  • Risk Sensitive Control
  • Robust Control
  • Stochastic Control
  • System Identification

David L. Lawrence Convention Center

Pittsburgh, PA

Monday, July 10, 2017 to Wednesday, July 12, 2017

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