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Root Cause Analysis - Shutting Down the Alligator Farm

Posted on Aug 10, 2015 2:21:00 PM

Seminar - Online
This webinar is applicable to all levels as it covers underlying principles (which are often overlooked in basic and intermediate courses) in a simplified format that does not require previous familiarity with using the tools. A well-functioning Corrective Action program is important to any organization, particularly in a regulated industry. However, many organizations find that the number of problems encountered each month remains about the same. This is a symptom of a deeper root cause that eludes most investigations. A thorough understanding of Root Cause Analysis (RCA) is necessary to identify the deeper causes and break this cycle. RCA is an important prerequisite for correcting problems. However, there is still much confusion and many problems continue to recur. This webinar will use thoughtful discussion, humorous analogies and case studies to distinguish between the true root cause and other common imposters. Emphasis will be placed on realizing system interactions and cultural environment that often lies at the root of the problem and prevents true root cause analysis.
Organization: Compliance Trainings (
Wednesday, August 19, 2015 (13:0014:00)
Mississauga, Ontario 44813, Canada
Contact: Compliance Trainings (
Phone: 4169154458
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