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EMBO/EMBL Symposium: Tumour Microenvironment and Signalling

Posted on Mar 24, 2016 2:50:38 AM


Symposium - Heidelberg, Germany
Many oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes have been identified and mapped to signaling pathways that regulate cell growth and death. Dysregulation allows oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes to transform mammalian cells and cancers arise in conditions where multiple such events occur in the same cell. Many proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressors have been mapped to canonical signaling pathways, providing a more holistic view of growth control mechanisms and paving the way for systems level analysis of cancer mechanisms.It has also been found that a subset of the cells present in a tumor, called cancer stem cells, retain the ability to self-renew and to give rise to all cell types in a particular cancer.
An emerging concept is that tumors also strongly depend on external signals for maintenance and expansion. To fully understand tumor development and progression, a deeper knowledge of the cross-talk between tumor cells and their microenvironment and the interactions between cancer cells and cancer stem cells is needed.
Organization: CCO EMBL
Sun, Apr 03, 2016 - Wed, Apr 06, 2016
EMBL Advanced Training Centre
Heidelberg, Germany
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