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Reach Top Science Markets: Exhibit Space Drawing

Posted by BCI Staff on Mon, Aug 07, 2017

Exhibit Space Drawing Being Held August 11th

Would you like to increase your research product sales in 2017?

We would like to invite you to enter our exhibit space drawing for our September, October and November events. The next drawing will be held this coming Friday, August 11th.

This drawing will give your company a chance to win an exhibit space at one of our upcoming events :


09/08/2017 18th Annual University of Wisconsin, Madison Madison WI
 09/21/2017 18th Annual University of Alabama, Birmingham Birmingham AL
 09/27/2017  3rd Annual University of Chicago Chicago IL
 09/28/2017 18th Annual University of Illinois, Chicago Chicago IL
*10/03/2017 12th Annual Stony Brook University Stony Brook NY
 10/04/2017 8th Annual The Armory Track and Field, adjacent to Columbia University Medical Center New York NY
10/06/2017 1st Weill Cornell School of Medicine New York NY
 10/11/2017 12th Annual Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle Seattle WA
 10/12/2017 17th Annual Washington State University Pullman WA
*10/24/2017 17th Annual University of California, Irvine Irvine CA
*10/25/2017 17th Semiannual University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus Los Angeles CA
 10/26/2017 40th Semiannual University of California, Los Angeles Los Angeles CA
*11/02/2017 15th Annual Front Line Event University of Arizona, Tucson Tucson AZ
*11/09/2017 15th Annual Oregon Health and Science University, Portland Portland OR
*11/10/2017 11th Annual Oregon State University Corvallis OR

You may share this information with other sales reps in your company to increase the likelihood of your company winning a space. Click here to enter:

Enter to win free exhibit space drawing


Exhibiting at these events can get your products and services in front of hundreds of active life science researchers, and help your company increase 2017 bottom line sales.



Click below to get full event schedule:

Get 2019 Event Schedule

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