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How Life Science Funding Reports Can Help You Increase Lab Sales

Posted by Robert Larkin on Thu, Feb 12, 2015

shovelAs a laboratory equipment vendor, many factors affect your decision to promote your products in a specific research market. Some questions, such as “are there universities or hospitals in this area?” and “do life science researchers work at those universities?” can be answered with a simple Google search. Other questions, however, might require more digging. 

Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. is a nationwide, full-service marketing and event planning company that publishes informative and insightful blog articles every day. With bioresearchers and lab vendors in mind, these articles are filled with information about new and exciting research projects, cutting-edge biotechnology, new facilities and expansions, and institutions receiving billions in annual research funding.

For example, did you know that the Science Market Update resource provides valuable information about the life science market at certain schools where you might be interested in selling lab products? Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. also offers free, comprehensive life science funding reports for every university at which our life science events are held.


Are you interested in bringing your biotech solutions to a new marketplace? Biotech Calendar, Inc. is constantly building life science funding data for universities in your chosen market. This valuable resource can provide insight into new and expanding markets as well as lucrative research grants that afford for billions in research and development expenditures.

When thinking about marketing lab products and services in a new region, funding statistics are an easy way to confirm that researchers and life science professionals have the monetary resources to invest in your products and services. In order to help make the right decision, we offer the opportunity to compare markets directly by downloading a funding report for a specific institution and comparing it with annual NIH funding, NSF funding and life science expenditures.

Consider the following statistics from some of the top-funded research institutions in the nation: 

  • UC San Diego received a total of $1.1 billion in research funding for all fields during the 2014 fiscal year.
  • In 2014, the National Institutes of Health awarded Mt. Sinai School of Medicine $240.5 million in science research funding.
  • The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center will spend $198 million constructing a hospital expansion and renovating existing hospital space, with expected completion this year.

duke2This is the perfect opportunity to focus on new lab sales to research institutions like these. Not only can following Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. give you an idea of how many lab products you might expect to sell to the university, but you can also time your sales strategy based on when university officials will likely be purchasing new equipment.

Multiple topics tags, regionalized maps, and archived statistics can also help vendors to adjust their marketing strategies based on the type of research being conducted at a specific university and which products and services would best serve researchers’ needs.

Gain insight into research processes at specific universities by navigating links within the life science funding reports, or look at funding statistics for specific studies to better understand the price point of scientists conducting this research.

To begin marketing products to active researchers at the university or research institution of your choice, download your free funding report today. Simply follow the link below to any of our exhibitor pages and fill out the quick contact form on the left of your screen.

To see a complete list of universities on the 2015 event schedule and download your free funding report, click on the button below:

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