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The Top 5 Funding Facts To Know About UI Chicago

Posted by Katheryn Rein on Mon, Sep 22, 2014

The University of Illinois, Chicago is highlighted time and time again in Science Market Update for its researchers' critical discoveries and and contributions to science. But what about the grants and awards that go into funding these projects? Read on to discover the Top 5 Funding Facts you need to know about UIC:

1. Illinois Governor Quinn released $64 million in capitol funds to establish the Advanced Chemical Technology Building at UIC. Construction on this collaborative research facility began in Spring 2014. Since that 2012 announcement, this project has garnered an additional $40 million in support bringing the facility's budget to $104 million.

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2. In Fiscal Year 2014, UIC received nearly $107 million from the National Institutes of Health, placing it in the 50 most highly funded institutes by the NIH. The medical school located at the Chicago campus, also the largest medical school in the country, is ranked 25 based on the amount of funding by the NIH.


3. UI Chicago has over $335 million worth of research expenditures and regularly ranks within the top 50 US institutes for research expenditures.



The University of Illinois at Chicago, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons 

4. University of Illinois at Chicago averages a 225:1 ROI based on data collected by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research .


5. Based on all departments that have received grants from the NIH in 2014, the six most highly funded departments on campus all either part of the School of Medicine or a life science discipline.

  • Pharmacology – 36 awards, $17.4 million

  • Internal Medicine – 40 awards, $12.8 million

  • Opthamology – 19 awards, $8.5 million

  • Biochemistry – 22 awards, $7.2 million

  • Microbiology/ Immunology/ Virology – 12 awards, $4 million

  • Biology – 11 awards, $3 million

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The University of Chicago, Illinois is thriving with new research projects; and subsequently, the need for lab equipment & supplies to stock these life science buildings and newly funded projects has never been higher. 

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At the 15th annual UI Chicago event 2014

As Lynn Birch from UIC reveals, "I'm always looking for items to help streamline our work. Also, it is nice to see some of the sales reps that I know. This show is nice as a one-stop show to see everything and get ideas!" ~University of Illinois, Chicago BioResearch Product Faire™ 2014. 

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