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Computational Molecular Evolution Advanced Course

Posted on Mar 28, 2013 8:23:00 AM

Computational Molecular Evolution

Advanced Course - Hinxton, Cambridge, United Kingdom

This joint Wellcome Trust-EMBL-EBI advanced course aims to provide researchers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required to carry out molecular evolutionary analysis on their own data, as well as on data drawn from sequence databases. The course will combine basic assumptions and ideas fundamental to the field with discussion of cutting-edge methodologies, and is therefore relevant to researchers with a range of different experience levels.


Interpretation of molecular phylogenetic trees

Dataset assembly and sequence alignment

Phylogenetic models and phylogeny reconstruction methods

Parallel computing in phylogenetics

Hypothesis testing in phylogenetics

Estimating divergence times

Coalescent model and inference from population data

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(Courtesy of European Bioinformatics Institute, via

Computational Molecular Evolution

29 April-10 May 2013

European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK

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