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How Bugs Kill Bugs: Progress and Challenges in Bacteriocin Research

Posted on Jul 4, 2012 10:36:00 AM

How Bugs Kill Bugs: Progress and Challenges in Bacteriocin Research

  Conference - Nottingham, UK

This conference will bring together experts in microbial ecology, cell biology, structural biology and molecular biophysics to explore the role bacteriocins play in intermicrobial competition, the molecular mechanisms by which bacteriocins penetrate the formidable defences of bacteria and how bacteriocin import has yielded novel insights into the organisation and structural biochemistry of the bacterial cell envelope.


  • Role of bacteriocins in bacterial ecology
  • Mode of action of bacteriocins
  • Mechanisms of bacteriocin import across the cell envelope
  • Biotechnological and biomedical applications of bacteriocins

Reviews by the speakers, based on their presentations at this major international meeting, will be published exclusively in Biochemical Society Transactions (Volume 41, part 4).

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16—18 July 2012

University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK

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