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The 2014 Ageing Summit

Posted on Jan 7, 2014 6:24:00 AM

The 2014 Ageing Summit

Conference - London, United Kingdom

The Immunology of Ageing

It is clear that the immune system undergoes age-associated alterations, producing a progressive deterioration in the ability to respond to infections and to develop immunity after vaccination. This event will discuss this Immunosenescence, both within the innate and adaptive immune systems. While discussing the mechanisms that contribute to immunosenescence, there will be plenty of networking opportunities and also debate  relating to potential therapies that could be employed to help the population live longer, fuller and healthier lives

Biomarkers and Ageing

Biomarkers of ageing could help to characterise biological age and be used, not only to identify individuals at high risk of developing age-associated diseases or disabilities, but also could lead to anti-ageing therapies. This event will discuss the current research to identify and characterise biomarkers for ageing in an informal atmosphere.  Abstract submissions are encouraged for both oral and poster presentations and there will be plenty of opportunity of networking with experts in the field

Establishing Anti-ageing Medicines

Stem cells are responsible for tissue repair and maintenance and evidence suggest that changes in stem cells with age contribute to the decline in tissue function. The ability to intervene and increase even modestly the number of stem cells, delaying tissue dysfunction may have great impact in areas of degenerative diseases. Indeed limited rejuvenation of stem cells has been shown to rescue tissue function. Small molecules are attractive to amplify the endogenous stem cell pool, preserve it from ageing and direct its differentiation by targeting specific signaling pathways. Here we will present data showing how mesenchymal stem cell ageing can be delayed using chemical interventions.

Organization: Euroscicon


(Courtesy of Determination of Blood Transferred Aging-Inducing Factor, via

The 2014 Ageing Summit

Mon, Feb 24, 2014 - Wed, Feb 26, 2014

Cineworld: The O2

Peninsula Square, London

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