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USC Received $3 Million to Improve Community Dental Health

Posted by Anita Zhang on Mon, Aug 04, 2014

A $3 million grant from the Hutto-Patterson Charitable Foundation has enabled the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry at University of Southern California and the USC School of Social work to team up to establish the Hutto-Patterson Institute for community dental health. The money will be used to purchase an eight-chair mobile clinic trailer, as well as provide funds and scholarships for faculty members and students who work in the university’s outreach programs. This significant funding will allow the University of Southern California to reach its goal of providing services to more than 45,000 underserved children in the Children’s Health and Maintenance Program (CHAMP).

In 2012, a five-year, $18.3 million grant from First 5 LA enabled the USC to start the Children’s Health and Maintenance Program (CHAMP), which travels to Head Start and Women, Infants, Children (WIC) Centers throughout Los Angeles, where Ostrow School clinicians screen children through the age of 5 for dental problems, administer preventive fluoride treatments, and provide families with oral health education. The CHAMP team also elaborates with multiple community dental clinics that have become partners in this project, and provides follow-up help to ensure that families take advantage of these benefits.

With the $3 million grant in place, students from the School of Social work will work with dental clinicians to follow up with families and help them understand and access dental care benefits, as well as making it easier for patients to access other resources for basic needs, ranging from food and clothing to much more serious situations such as domestic violence victim assistance. The Hutto-Patterson Foundation gift also allows the Ostrow School of Dentistry to place interns in the CHAMP program. The response from the community to having social services offered alongside dental services has been overwhelmingly positive but the demand is getting to be almost too much for student interns to handle.

The Hutto-Patterson Foundation’s gift is part of the University of Southern California’s current fundraising initiative. The campaign for USC seeks to raise $6 billion or more in private support from individual donors, foundations and corporations.

In the past 5 years, the Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC jumped from 16th to 12th in a ranking of all United States dental institutions receiving funds from the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research. The $3 million grant from the Hutto-Patterson Foundation strengthened the USC’ s role in dental service and research and makes the university a desirable life science research marketplace.

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