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Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Nov 13, 2013

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If you are planning, producing, promoting or participating in an upcoming life science event, you can promote it for free on our daily life science event calender at: Post your events for free. Events are updated daily after they are approved by our staff.

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life science current events updated daily


Some upcoming 2014 life science events posted recently, including the following:

 Life science product sales events can help lab suppliers sell more products, too!


life science sales events

The Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. round-up of upcoming life science sales events during the first half of 2014 include the following sites:

2014 Events
Texas A&M University, College Station *01/29/2014 Colorado State University, Fort Collins *06/17/2014
Texas Medical Center, Houston 01/30/2014 University of Colorado, Boulder *06/18/2014
University of California, Davis Medical Center *02/05/2014 University of Colorado, Anschutz Medical Campus *06/19/2014
University of California, San Francisco, Mission Bay 02/06/2014 National Jewish Health *06/20/2014
University of California, San Diego *02/13/2014 Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Seattle *07/09/2014
University of Georgia, Athens *02/26/2014 University of Washington, Seattle *07/10/2014
Emory Conference Center Hotel, Atlanta *02/27/2014 Michigan State University *07/23/2014
Georgetown University *03/13/2014 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor *07/24/2014
Washington University, St. Louis 03/20/2014 University of Cincinnati *08/06/2014
Mount Sinai, School of Medicine *03/26/2014 Ohio State University, Columbus *08/07/2014
Rockefeller University *03/27/2014 University of California, Riverside *08/27/2014
University of California, Santa Barbara *04/01/2014 University of California, San Diego *08/28/2014
University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus *04/02/2014 University Research Park, University of Wisconsin, Madison *09/03/2014
University of California, Los Angeles 04/03/2014 University of Wisconsin, Madison 09/04/2014
Longwood Medical 04/24/2014 University of Oregon 09/09/2014
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign 04/30/2014 Oregon State University, Corvallis 09/10/2014
University of Illinois, Chicago 05/01/2014 Oregon Health and Science University, Portland *09/11/2014
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill *05/07/2014 University of Texas, Austin *09/17/2014
Duke University 05/08/2014 University of Texas Health Science Center, SA *09/18/2014
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia 05/14/2014 The Armory Track and Field, adjacent to Columbia University Medical Center *09/30/2014
Thomas Jefferson University, Philadelphia *05/15/2014 Rockefeller University *10/01/2014
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities *05/20/2014 Stony Brook University *10/02/2014
University of Minnesota, St. Paul *05/21/2014 University of California, Irvine *10/07/2014
Rochester, Minnesota *05/22/2014 University of Southern California Health Sciences Campus *10/08/2014
University of Nevada, Reno *06/02/2014 University of California, Los Angeles 10/09/2014
University of California, Davis Medical Center *06/03/2014 Washington State University, Pullman *10/29/2014
University of California, Berkeley *06/04/2014 University of Utah, Salt Lake City 10/30/2014
University of California, San Francisco *06/05/2014 University of Arizona, Tucson *11/06/2014
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh *06/12/2014 University of Alabama, Birmingham 11/13/2014
Colorado State University, Fort Collins Foothills Campus 06/17/2014    


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