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Rockefeller University Receives $1.9M NIH Grant

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Wed, Aug 21, 2013

Researchers at Rockefeller University received a $1.9 million NIH grant this year for the project “Identification of Cell Type-Specific Actions of Antipsychotic Drugs.” The study is being led by Paul Greengard, PhD. According to the Rockefeller University webpage, Greengard’s research aims are to understand the molecular basis of communication between neurons in the brain in mammals, clarify the molecular defects responsible for a number of neurological and psychiatric disorders and determine the molecular mechanisms by which neuro- and psychoactive drugs produce their pharmacological actions.

The project receiving NIH funding concerning cell type-specific actions and antipsychotic drugs is described in an abstract on the NIH RePORTER:

“Schizophrenia is one of the most debilitating psychiatric disorders, affecting approximately 1% of the population worldwide. A number of antipsychotic drugs are available but these are often ineffective and do not treat all the symptoms of the disease. New therapeutics are needed but their discovery has been hampered by a limited understanding of the etiology of this complex neurological disorder, and a lack of clear understanding of the precise molecular mechanisms of action of available antipsychotic drugs. One of the major limitations in identifying the molecular mechanisms of antipsychotic drug action has been the heterogeneous and intermixed cellular nature of the central nervous system. The major goal of the proposed studies in the Conte Center is therefore to achieve a complete understanding of the cellular and molecular actions of antipsychotic drugs through innovative approaches that use novel rodent animal models to allow analysis of individual types of neurons within cortico-striatal circuits.”


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Certainly, Rockefeller University is on the cutting edge of many different areas of research. Lab suppliers marketing lab products and life science products in New York may also want to take note of Rockefeller University’s most recent research funding statistics. To begin with, the NIH gave Rockefeller University $70.1 million in 2012. This research funding was given out to research projects in various departments at the university. The best funded life science department was internal medicine, which received 4 awards totaling $4.3 million. For a full list of departments receiving NIH funding organized by department name, number of awards received and total funding awarded, please visit the NIH website

Rockefeller University also received $844,385 from the NSF in 2012. $256,208 of that money was given to a life science project investigating the dynamics of nuclear pore proteins and their mechanism of transport. The NSF also ranked Rockefeller University 51st in the country for total R&D expenditures in the life sciences in 2009, the total being $233.7 million. For a full list of projects receiving NSF awards, please visit the NSF website.

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