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From Bench to Bedside, & Back: Patients MEET Researchers 2016

Posted on Dec 10, 2015 11:36:34 PM


Symposium - Nijmegen, The Netherlands


We are glad to inform you that registration for the Symposium “From bench to bedside, and back: Patients MEET Researchers”, that will be held in Nijmegen (The Netherlands), on January 29-30, 2016, is now open! The Symposium main goal is to exchange the most up-to-date knowledge advances regarding mitochondrial medicine crossing the gap/bridge between patients and researchers. Delivering the outcome of the MEET projects to patients and their associations and balance optimistic expectations and realistic progresses is another important task to be fulfilled. The target of this symposium are patients, clinicians and researchers. It has to be a bidirectional and challenging communication from the patients to the researchers and vice versa with the crucial intermediate role of the clinicians. The Symposium is organized within the frame of the ITN European Project “Mitochondrial European Educational Training” (MEET). MEET is a multi-partners project with partners from 8 different countries. Among them, 8 world-leading basic science and clinical centers of excellence, 2 private industries with direct interest in mitochondrial medicine, and 2 private industries that provide for all trainees the most fertile training environment possible ( MEET project is indeed a multi-partner project that intends to mobilize the critical mass of expertise in the field of mitochondrial medicine, in order to produce the next generation of scientist who will lead the field of the rapidly emerging branch of mitochondrial medicine. The Meet Consortium offers 15 fellowships (covering travel, accommodation and subsistence costs) to attend the Symposium. Fellowships will be addressed to patients or Representatives of Patients' organizations. Applicants should submit their request to Deadlines: December, 20, 2015. To register to the Symposium click here Deadlines: December, 22, 2015. Last but not least, MEET project launched a fundraising campaign called “MEETers run for IMP” ( All fellows involved in the Consortium will take part in sport events raising money for IMP. Indeed, we will donate to IMP money collected in order to help the association to develop a standard therapy for dealing with muscular pain in mitochondrial diseases. HELP US, JOIN US!

Sponsoring Institutions: Radboud University Medical Centre, Khondrion

Organization: ITN European Project “Mitochondrial European Educational Training” (MEET).

For more information, please visit:


January 29-30, 2016

Mitochondrial European Educational Training (MEET) Project

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Contact: Serena Paterlini (
Phone: +39 051 2088416


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