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4th International Conference on Pediatric Chronic Diseases, Disability and Human Development

Posted on Dec 14, 2014 11:01:49 AM

Conference -  Jerusalem, Israel
The high rates of children with chronic diseases and disabilities impose a major challenge on the health, welfare and educational systems to help these children to integrate with their peers, and later on, be a productive part of our society. Therefore, this year we directed our focus towards breaking the barriers and building bridges between the children, the families and the community. Furthermore, our society becomes more and more multicultural which requires cultural adjustments when approaching these children and their families.
Leading health and welfare care professionals from Israel and around the world will lecture and conduct symposia on a wide range of topics related to pediatric and adolescent chronic diseases, disabilities and human development.
Organization: Paragon Israel
Jerusalem International Convention Center (ICC)
1 Shazar Boulevard, PO Box 6001, Jerusalem, Israel
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