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Scientific Sales Opportunities on East Coast

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Mar 02, 2016


Is your company looking to increase scientific sales in East Coast markets?


With over five billion in expenditures in the top funded east coast research markets, lab supply companies may want to take the time to meet some of the these scientists face to face.

A great way to connect with researchers in these markets is by participating in targeted scientific product events held at these research institutions. Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. holds over fifty events annually at the top funded research institutions, including over thirty events on the eastern seaboard every year. 

To view a complete lineup of all of our East Coast events visit here:

Emory University Event - 3/31/2016  *1 Space Available
University of Georgia, Athens Event   4/1/2016  *5 Spaces Available

New York:
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine Event   3/23/2016
Rockefeller University Spring Event   3/24/2016  *6 Spaces Available
University of Rochester, New York   4/07/2016
Stony Brook University Event   9/28/2016
Columbia University Fall Event   9/29/2016
Rockefeller University Fall Event   9/30/2016

University of Maryland, Baltimore Event   6/8/2016

University of Pennsylvania Event   5/12/2016
Thomas Jefferson University Event   5/13/2016
University of Pittsburgh Event   6/16/2015

New Jersey:
Rutgers University Event   5/11/2016

North Carolina:
Duke University Event - 5/26/2016

University of Massachusetts, Amherst Event   7/13/2016
Longwood Medical Center (Harvard) Event   7/14/2016

To view a complete lineup of all of our East Coast events visit here:

scientic sales on east coast

Contact Biotechnology Calendar, Inc.  today to reserve scientific product exhibit space and meet with some of the 3,200 east coast life science professionals expected to attend these events.


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