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Los Angeles: Successful Science Marketplace for Lab Vendors

Posted by BCI Staff on Tue, Mar 01, 2016

The early registration discount pricing is ending this week for one of our spring SoCal events:

University of California, Los Angeles Biotechnology Vendor Showcase™ Event – 4/28/2016
UCLA received 1,778 awards for 2014-2015
New grants totaling nearly $21M in funding from the California Stem Cell Agency

We’d like to invite you to join other top exhibiting companies this year at this popular event. Just for fun, we’ve included some researchers' comments from last year’s UCLA event:

“This vendor show is the best. They have the best selection of vendors to come out and showcase their products. I like that I could see new products and talk to some sales representatives. I also love the extensive buffet that the vendor show has. I attend this vendor show every time. Please keep this great work going!” ~ N.K.

“I love coming to the Vendor Showcases! I got to meet new acquaintances and see old ones, all people who care as passionately about science as my colleagues and I. It's also a great learning experience - to be able to see what's out there, what's up and coming in the science world.” ~ G.S.

“This vendor show was by far the best I've attended in three years.  It was very organized and professional, with lots of great new products and door prizes.” ~ T.J.


Please call 530-272-6675 today if you’d like to register for this event this week and save $250. We are happy to give you more detailed information about the level of new business your company can expect to see at this UCLA event.

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