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Build Science Brands and Grow Your Business with Next Gen Researchers

Posted by BCI Staff on Tue, Mar 26, 2013

Build Science Brands and Create Awareness for Your Science Research Products with Targeted Science Research Market Opportunities

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Lab suppliers can create value in the marketplace and build brand equity quickly and effectively by participating in Biotechnology Calendar, Inc . advertising and sponsorship programs targeting science markets nationwide.

Build trust with: research professionals, including:

  • program directors,
  • professors,
  • principal investigators,
  • lab directors
  • research associates, technicians and
  • other laboratory product end users,
  • purchasing agents

Future science professional


Participate in our corporate branding programs and receive unsurpassed value in promoting your brand.

How Biotechnology Calendar Inc. Branding Partnership Programs build your brand visibilty and product value in the Life Science Research Marketplace:

    • Increases your visibility with top researchers & scientists at top universities
    • Establishes brand-awareness early in a researcher’s career
    • Increases brand loyalty and ties with existing clients
    • Drives traffic to their booth
    • Differentiates your company from the competition
  •  Shows that your company is active and supports local research programs

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