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Trade Show Calendar for Lab Product Shows

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Oct 03, 2012

What do we do?

U.S Trade Shows for University Lab Products: SEE our 2013 Trade show calendar for lab product shows.

Lab suppliers are invited to participate and showcase their products and services to audiences ranging from 100-700 researchers. These events will be held in close proximity to active research labs and include lunch and seminars at each site. These are fun and easy events: for the lab suppliers, for on site researchers, and for other local life science professionals.

 trade show calendar

Who will be participating?

A) Free Admission For:

  • Researchers
  • Professors
  • Post-Doctorate Students
  • Grad Students
  • Research Assistants
  • Research Associates
  • Biotech Sales People
  • Purchasing Agents
  • Research Directors
  • CEO’s of Related Companies
  • Managerial


B)  Exhibitors:

  • Sales Reps, Regional Managers, Company Directors, etc.
  • Product Technicians
  • Application Specialists

 tradeshow calendar ready

When do our events happen?

  • 10 A.M. to 3 P.M. (allow 2 hrs for set up and tear down of booths)
  • 3-5 hour events
  • Exhibitor setup (7 A.M. to 10 A.M.)
  • Exhibitor dismantling of exhibits (3 P.M. to 5 P.M.)
  • Campus research funding is between $300 million to $1.2 billion
  • Meet with 100-700 researchers
  • Meet with 24%-32% PI's and lab managers

Why do we put on shows?

To bring together biotechnology researchers with members of the research community who have products or services useful to advancing the progress of research in their studies.

Trade show calendar at UCLA

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