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Vendor Shows with Guaranteed Placement

Posted by BCI Staff on Wed, Sep 05, 2012

When talking about trade shows, we may use phrases like "guaranteed placement" , prime placement, standard placement. These terms may not be an immediately obvious term to non marketers, so today we'd like to take the opportunity to explain just what "guaranteed placement" is and how it helps exhibitors succeed in life science marketplace.

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"Guaranteed placement" means that you will have a pre-assigned table number and space. We will take into consideration your request to not be next to a competitor and your preferences in terms of table location are always considered. Because we know that where are are in the events can impact your success at that event we help you stand out with a specific preassigned spot. Yes, all of our tables are visible to researchers and easily accessed by researchersand active life science community members. No spots are behind pillars, catering tables or plants; you will be easily accessible in a visible spot at what every show you attend. Having said that tere are still places taht are more desirable because of traffic or visibility...these are considered premium spaces.  Since they are in limited supply, premium exhibit package holders are given priority to these spaces.

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Biotech Trade ShowYou as an exhibitor do not have to worry about whether or not table space will be available, or whether or not there will be obstructs to their space.  We make sure that every table looks good and is in a good place. Researchers will be able to see all of the companies there; there are no hidden tables.  They will be able to easily access all of the companies and get information easily.

For Basic v. Premium: Premium exhibitors will get placed first and are usually the first tables seen by researchers when they enter the show, or are at corners and nearby attractions like catering and doorprizes. Both Premium and Basic exhibitors will know 4 to 6 weeks before the show where their table is.

In the planning process, we take the time to make sure everyone has adequate room around their table, that the room measurement is right for the number of tables, and we do the research to ensure that exhibitors are not placed next to their competition. Also, if they want to be next to a company we will place them next to that company.  It's like a giant puzzle sometimes!  We always keep an extra table, in case someone is not happy with the space or a last-minute exhibitor comes.  We have moved one person one time in 4 years.

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Hopefully this has helped you get a better idea of Guaranteed Placement. We look forward to helping you promote your brand and company at your next Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. show!



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