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Columbia University Receives $5.9M HIV Prevention Grant

Posted by Jennifer Nieuwkerk on Mon, Aug 26, 2013

Researchers at Columbia University recently received a $5.9 million grant from the NIH for the university’s Support the Implementation and Expansion of High-Quality HIV Care and Prevention program. According to the NIH RePORTER, the project leader is David Hoos, MD. Columbia University’s HIV Prevention and Treatment Research webpage says of their HIV prevention goals:

“Our goals are to help speed the development of an effective vaccine to prevent HIV and to set the standards of care for people living with HIV. We are working towards these goals by engaging the community and conducting clinical studies within the Division of Infectious Diseases at the Columbia University Medical Center. Our main collaborators throughout New York City are Project ACHIEVE of the New York Blood Center, the Harlem Family Center of Harlem Hospital and the Women and Children's Care Center at Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian. Sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, we are a part of the international networks of the HIV Vaccine Trials Network (HVTN), the AIDS Clinical Trials Group (ACTG) and the International Maternal Pediatric Adolescent AIDS Clinical Trials Unit (IMPAACT).”

In addition to receiving this latest $5.9 million NIH grant, Columbia University receives a wealth of research funding from outside sources, including the NIH and NSF. Lab suppliers interested in marketing life science products and increasing laboratory sales at New York life science marketing events may be interested in Columbia’s latest funding statistics. In 2012, the NIH awarded Columbia University $364 million in research funding. The funding was distributed to a number of life science departments at the university.


Columbia University life science marketing events

Armory Track and Field Center BioResearch Product Faire™ Event 2012


Not only did Columbia University receive $364 million from the NIH, but the school received a great deal of research money from the NSF. In 2012, the NSF awarded Columbia University $95 million. The life science project receiving the most funding from the NSF concerned climate change education and received $750,000 in research funding.

Given the latest $5.9 million NIH grant and recent NIH and NSF funding statistics, lab suppliers marketing life science products and interested in increasing laboratory sales may want to consider exhibiting at Columbia University life science marketing. Biotechnology Calendar, Inc. invites all lab suppliers to network with researchers, purchasing agents and lab managers at our Armory Track and Field Center BioResearch Product Faire™ Event, held adjacent from the Columbia University Medical Center, on October 1, 2013. Last year, the Armory Track and Field Center BioResearch Product Faire™ Event attracted 266 attendees. Seventy-two of the attendees were purchasing agents, professors and post docs, and 43 were lab managers. The visitors came from 19 different research buildings and 48 departments across campus.

Biotechnology Calendar Inc. is a full-service science research marketing and events-planning company that organizes life science marketing events at top research universities across the country. If you’re interested in marketing your life science products and increasing laboratory sales at life science marketing events closer to home, we encourage you to view our 2013 calendar of events. For more information on our Armory Track and Field Center BioResearch Product Faire™ Event, or to view more detailed funding statistics for Columbia University, click on the button below.

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